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I love idioms in German, but do not know alot in Spanish. Could everyone write down an idion in their language of choice, the direct translation and what the phrase actually means? I would love to see some examples of this....

English: It's raining cats and dogs
direct translation: cats and dogs are falling from the sky like rain does
actual meaning: It is raining a lot and most likely hard

English: a bun in the oven
direct translation: a bun in the oven
actual meaning: someone is pregnant

German(Redewendung): Blauer Montag
direct translation: Blue Monday
actual meaning: A workfree Monday

German (Redewendung): Wie einer Blinder von der Farbe reden
direct translation: Like a blind person talking about colours
actual meaning: Someone talking about something they know nothing about

German (Redewendung): Jemandes Blutgruppe sein
direct translation: to be in someones blood-group/be the same blood type
actual meaning: to like someone or not to like someone
example: Die neue Freundin von meinem Vater ist absolut night meine Blutgruppe.

I know these aren't the best idioms and I am sure you all have more. Could you give me some examples please:)


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my mom's asking: could you give me more modern german idioms? she liked these ones very much and said that she didn't know them, though she is a German language teacher for 20 years!